tinytalk baby signing and toddler talking

TinyTalk South Nottingham Baby Signing and Toddler Talking  run award winning classes for babies (newborn to around 18 months) and toddlers (18 months to around 3+ years).

Babies gain sufficient control of motor skills up to a year before they can talk. Our baby classes teach you how to communicate with your baby using British Sign Language (BSL), incorporating each week's themed signs into well-known nursery rhymes and verses. TinyTalk uses a combination of props, puppets, sensory play and musical instruments to stimulate the senses and provide the fun!

Toddler talking classes (2015 Winner of Best National Pre-schooler Development Activity for 2 - 5 year olds) concentrate on developing speech. The format is similar to the baby classes but you don't have to have been to the baby classes first. Themed classes develop children's expanding vocabulary and social skills such as sharing and turn-taking whilst exploring ideas like emotions, shape, colour or opposites.

Our baby signing classes use a fun combination of songs, props, sensory activities, instruments and books to help parents and babies develop preverbal communication through baby sign language. We're a friendly and inclusive group so if you're interested to see what a class is like please get in touch and organise a visit.

We run free taster sessions for new customers so you're very welcome to try out a class and of course a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit too :)

Opening Hours: Ruddington Elms Park Pavilion, Thursdays in term time* Toddler talking class at 10am Baby signing class at 11.30am. Other classes (both baby and toddler) are available on Tuesdays at Gamston Old Village Hall and on Fridays at West Bridgford Holy Spirit Church Social Centre.

Check my website or contact me for more details of times and availability. 

Email Address: laurast@tinytalk.co.uk

Telephone Number: 07776 350208

Website: www.tinytalk.co.uk/laurast

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/TinyTalkSouthNotts



Sandra - Five Stars - I'm not sure if me or my son enjoys Tiny Talk more! I only have one day a week off with him and Tiny Talk is a real highlight. It's been great to learn a new skill and to see his communication confidence and skills develop. You have to put the work in at home and get the whole family involved but it's also a great activity class in its own right. My son started at 4 months and is now 15 months and has a range of words and signs that he uses. The only problem now is making him understand that being able to ask for something doesn't necessarily mean you get it immediately!

Naomi - Five Stars - I would highly recommend Tiny Talk to any families with babies and toddlers. I started going to TinyTalk when my first child was 10 weeks old, almost 3 years later both of my children are still enjoying the Tinytalk classes. Claire is a great teacher and makes the classes engaging and fun for both the children and adults. I greatly believe that these classes have also been a positive influence in my children's communication development. Would definitely recommend.

Claire - Five Stars - My son enjoyed tiny talk from 12 weeks old and always got a lot out of the sessions. With a mix of sensory, musical and of course,  signing, there was always something for him to interact with. Tinytalk is well resourced, organised and taught incredibly well by a teacher who engages all the little ones. A highly professional class; would recommend! 

Ruth - Five Stars - Tiny Talk with Claire is the best thing I have done with my daughter. The classes are fun and engaging for both baby and adult. Learning the signs meant I had ready made actions for songs and books at home. It has been amazing having my daughter communicate specific things from such an early age, whether it's that she's hungry, needs her nappy changed or is excited that she's seen a duck! We can't wait to start toddlers next! 

Clair - Five Stars - TinyTalk is a wonderful blend of fun, education and friendship. I've attended classes with both my boys and we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. My second son started baby classes at just 10 weeks and graduated from Toddlers 2 years later. Not only did he become a prolific signer but his language and communication skills developed equally as quickly. We also had a lot of fun along the way and made some great friends. I can't recommend the class highly enough....so much so that I will be returning next year with baby number 3! 

Louise - Five Stars - TinyTalk really does what it says! It has definitely enabled our little boy to communicate with us, even from 9 months of age. When they start signing, it is magical to see the world through their eyes! Yet it doesn't stop there. Only the other day, my boy, now at 18 months, spotted a turtle at granny's house. He not only signed turtle but he said it too. And, of course was delighted to actually hold it! Signing has not only helped us when he couldn't talk, it is also now helping him to quickly pick up new language. TinyTalk has helped to teach him that things have names and it's taught our family tips and games to encourage communication. I really think we would have a very frustrated toddler if we didn't have a way to talk to our tiny one.