ruddington community choir

Inspired by Gareth Malone’s military wives choir series on TV, a talented, musical lady had a dream – to start a local community choir. The aim was not only to benefit the singers, but also to encourage and inspire the local community, and to bring together different people in a joyful and uplifting experience. This is what we want to continue to aim for in our proposed project.

That lady was our musical director, Bernie Bracha. The first workshop, followed by a concert the same evening took place in March 2012. Through Bernie’s positive commitment it was a great success and RUDDINGTON COMMUNITY CHOIR was born!

One of our first ‘gigs’ was at a wedding. Others quickly followed. Under Bernie’s guidance we have performed at various charity concerts, raising money for local community concerns, such as Ruddington Methodist Church and Ruddington Framework Museum.
We have also raised money for:-
- The Nottinghamshire Hospice
- The Helpful Bureau
- The Ngoro Charity

We have sung at the Nottingham Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving. Our choir have also entertained at old peoples’ homes, music festivals, Christmas and Easter concerts, birthdays and local fairs.
The choir is open to everyone, regardless of experience, ability or confidence – a true community group. We have about 35 members aged between 25-70. We are a non-auditioned choir. We learn mainly by ear as only some of us read music. We embrace a range of styles from folk, and gospel to choral and consider any requests especially from the local community.

Once a year we attend a festival. Our last outing was in March to an a cappella choir event in Stratford upon Avon. We performed with our sister choir (Lady Bay Community choir). We prepared 2 pieces, the soulful ‘Deep River’ followed by the more lively ‘Lullaby of Broadway’. This was a very positive and enjoyable experience for us all, which got us thinking… We would love to arrange our own community choir festival, to be held in Ruddington later this year. There is a population of around 7000 to potentially reach! Although it is only 6 miles from Nottingham city, the village has its own rural identity. We would like to encourage other choirs from the nearby area to come and take part, and to bring along some of their supporters too.

We want to spread the word about what we do and encourage and inspire others. Maybe they will want to join our choir, or support us by listening to us sing and giving to our chosen charity. Most of all, we want to lift their spirits through the power of song!

Ruddington Choir meet on a Tuesday evening 8.00 - 9.30pm in the Methodist Church.

£5 a session (pay as you go) or or pay for a term up-front for a discounted rate.

For more information please contact Bernie on 07735 461083 or

In July 2013, the Daily Mail reported that the calming effect of singing in a choir can be ‘as beneficial to health as yoga’. They also said that when a choir sing together their heartbeats become synchronised and their pulses increase and decrease together. This change of intervals between heartbeats is linked to reducing cardiac disease. So it seems to be more than a feel good factor! This is based on research at the University of Gothenberg in Sweden.

In the Gareth Malone TV programmes on his work with various choirs, the positive effects are seen. Not only did the experience benefit and bond the choir members, but their friends, families and wider communities felt the effects too. Through the emotions, sheer hard work and some poignant moments it inspired them and made them want to continue.

We have benefited so much from being in the choir and want to be inspirational to others so that they can benefit too.