rattle and roll

Rattle and Roll is a business that aims to enrich the learning ofchildren aged 4 months - 11 years through music, dance and drama. 

They run educational pre-school music classes and pre-school dance classes.  These run in West Bridgford and Edwalton every day of the week. 

They also run Holiday Fun Clubs for all primary school aged children in school holidays. 

As well as Recorder Club, Choir Club, Ballet Club and On the Stage after school Clubs.  There are also NGA (No Girls Allowed) and NBA (No Boys Allowed) Dance Crews. 

Rattle and Roll also do Music, Dance and Drama PPA in Primary Schools.  

If you would like anymore information about any of these clubs or classes please contact Katy on the details below.

Opening Hours: Daily

Email Address: rattleandrollhq@yahoo.com 

Telephone Number: 07887 601002

Website:  www.rattle-and-roll.co.uk

Facebook page:  facebook.com/Rattle-and-Roll



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