Our Story

What started out as a little idea back in 2011 has grown into something we never imagined. From a Facebook village noticeboard, it's grown into a thriving online community. Talking, sharing and helping. It's grown into something special.

Not convinced? Just AskRuddmums.

In the beginning…

It started out as a small group of school mums whose children were all starting in reception. We all had the same worries and concerns, and needed the same reassurances.

The Facebook page was created, where we could openly share confusion and discuss information.

It was as simple as that.

How it grew

We came to realise something.

If we all know everything about our own community, and the services within it, we'd find everything we need.

And so did all our followers. People started asking questions. Where can I find a hairdresser? Does anyone know a good plumber? What baby groups are on where? Etc.

The community was asking, and questions were answered ten times over. People working together. And the community grew.

Businesses started to use our page, sharing their services with the community, offering advice and help where they could.

And AskRuddMums spread. Before we knew it, we had hundreds of followers and posts asking for business/trade recommendations coming out of our ears. The page has a weekly reach of up to 50,000 people.

Our online community was helping its followers find and trust in local businesses and people. 

But then the cracks started to emerge.

The Facebook page just couldn't cope with the traffic. There was just too much going on.

It became difficult to sift through the information, to help each other out properly, to keep on top of what was recent and relevant. 

We'd outgrown our Facebook page.

So we needed to fix the problem.

Fixing the problem

And here were are now. The website. Dedicated to the community and enrichment of Ruddington.

The Facebook page couldn’t support the direction we'd gone. So some time and effort was invested into a new website to make it easy for you to take advantage of local businesses and what's happening in and around Ruddington.

This new platform means it's easier to find information immediately. And with features like ratings and testimonials, it's easier than ever to leave a mark to help others further down the line in your situation.

We love it!

Where next?

Who knows? But this is just the start of something exciting.

We know for certain that our local community will grow. We'll not just improve the local economy, but the local community spirit, and the sense of who we are, too.

You don't need to be a parent. You don't need to be a mum. You don't need to live in Ruddington. We welcome anyone to come and get involved.

We want to see the community come together and prosper using local services, groups and businesses.

So if you're a business wanting to advertise, a customer looking for help, or a community group looking to publicise your events, just AskRuddMums.